Buzzard's Roost Workshop

Dates: 7 September 2019

Location: Annalong Valley + Buzzard's Roost

Group Size: 6

Difficulty: Moderate

Price: £95

Included: Two photo guides, all on-location tuition, hot drinks.

Not Included: Any travel required to and from the start point  at Carrick Cottage cafe located directly off the Head Road. We'll be returning to the same spot at the end of the workshop.



2:30pm - Meet and Greet at Carrick Cottage Cafe

This is the start and ending point for the day. Stephen and I will formally introduce ourselves and share with you the plan for the day over some tea/coffee. 

3pm - Depart

We'll start our journey following the path leading out into the Annalong valley. 

Late Afternoon

We arrive at our first river stop where we'll be teaching you the principles of long exposure photography and how best to frame your foreground with the surrounding mountainscape. We'll share with you then some of our favourite views to capture that are within close proximity.

Early Evening

After spending the afternoon photographing the rivers, flora and fauna, we'll complete the short walk to Buzzard's Roost- our sunset destination for the day. This is one of, if not the most spectacular view of the Mournes overlooking Ben Crom reservoir and the surrounding mountain range.

8:45pm - End of the Workshop

We begin the journey home, arriving back at Carrick Cottage cafe car park at approximately 10pm.


What Should I bring?

The Mournes generally have their own micro-climate making conditions sometimes unpredictable.


As a rule of thumb, prepare to over-dress rather than under-dress as even during a summer's day temperatures can quickly plummet on higher ground. You'll need a base layer (t-shirt, long or short sleeved), a mid-insulating layer (warm fleece) and an outer layer (hard or soft shell jacket) for protection from the elements. A waterproof layer is essential. Please also bring a head torch. Whilst it will still be bright as we begin walking down, closer to the finish it may become dark.


The paths we'll be leading you up are well defined, however the terrain is often rocky and uneven. With this in mind, bring appropriate footwear i.e. walking or hiking boots. 

Camera Equipment

The less equipment and the lighter the backpack, the better. Typically I carry two lenses, a 16-35 f4 (for wide angle photography) and a 70-200 f4 (for zooming in). Whilst I do carry filters, these are not strictly necessary- I would recommend at minimum bringing a polarising filter. We'll explain the benefits of shooting with and without filters when we're on location with you.


Please make yourself aware of the Terms and Conditions before participating in the workshop. Payment confers acceptance of this.


Your Guides


Stephen (alias Hibernia Landscapes) is widely recognised for his imagery from around the island of Ireland. In 2017 he won the public vote in Trail UK Mountain Photo of the Year. 


In 2016 Ryan was named overall winner of Trail UK Mountain Photo of the Year. His enthusiasm for hiking and photographing mountain landscapes has taken him across the UK, Ireland and wider Europe. 


The price of the workshop is £95 which is payable in full upon booking. To participate, please follow the link where you'll be re-directed to a check-out page. 

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